The Dean's List

The Dean's List represents truly independent and left-of-center music, its
"A FRESH ALTERNATIVE" to everything else on the airwaves! 

We feature new, emerging artists, be it mellow or head-banging,
and the best local music the Twin Ports has to offer.

The Dean's List can be heard on 91.3 KUWS Superior, 102.9 Ashland,
from 10:00pm until 1:00am on Monday through Thursday, adding Fridays to the line up.


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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Name:  Sara B

Year started at KUWS: 2008

Tell us about yourself:  Sara is studying to be a composer.

Favorite thing about KUWS:  The new and old music. Plus Vinyl. 


Year started at KUWS: 

Tell us about yourself: 

Favorite thing about KUWS: 



Year started at KUWS: 

Tell us about yourself:  

Favorite thing about KUWS:


Name:  Walt Dizzo

Year started at KUWS:  2003

Tell us about yourself:  Walt Dizzo is a snappy dresser
with a massive and eclectic record collection. He enjoys watching films, making art, and strolling the streets of Superior.

Favorite thing about KUWS:  Access to lots of vinyl and new music and the ability to play music that I enjoy for a diverse audience. Saying through music what people can't say with words alone.

Favorite Artists:   Nellie McKay, Pearl Jam, Professor
Hefner, Frank Zappa, Low, The Who, Saul Williams,
Rufus Wainwright, Miranda July, and The Dismemberment Plan





Name: Simply C

Year Started at KUWS: 2008

Tell us about yourself: Simply C started out on 91 Jazz St. And moved to Dean's and now currently holds the Directorship for The 9 O'clock Meltdown, the show she started in 2011.

The show welcomes new performers of the Coffee House type.


The 9 O'clock Meltdown can be heard Friday nights from 9-10 PM.







If you're part of a local band or group and would like to send us a demo for possible
airing on The Dean's List...we would LOVE to hear from you.

Send a CD demo with contact information to:

KUWS Radio
Attn: Local Music Director or Dean's List
P.O. Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880

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